Master Chef Challenge

$3725 for Master Chef challenge and transfers

*Price can vary depending on numbers.

Package includes: Party Bus transfers, food with your Masterchef Challenge that you all get to sit down and enjoy at the end, all alcohol separate.

Book your very own private Masterchef theme night as you take on the fun challenges set by Social Cooking . Ideal for parties or corporate events, bring your teams and challenge your way to the office or your parties Masterchef title!

We will pick you up take you for an hours ride then drop you into social cooking where you get to play Master Chef for the night, these guys will split you into teams and let you fight to the death. Loads of fun to be had, then we will pick you up again and take you for an hours ride to party on the bus then back to your destination.

*Minimum of 25 people the cost is $149 -$189 per person depending on numbers.

    • Transport to and from venue in a fully licensed party bus

Just like you see on TV, suspense, fun and great times but a person on the team is given money to run to the supermarket in a cab and buy some ingredients to add to the mystery pantry. This is about pressure, deadlines, cooking on the fly, using your food knowledge, courage and team work. A full powered event that is cooked in a competitive environment with a healthy bit of time pressure.
We have revitalised the pantry with winter favourite ingredients to cook up a main or dessert. Challenge your team to collaborate in teams of 2 up to 5 and compete with the other teams. Lets see who is hot in the kitchen. From highly to mildly competitive the Master Chef format will deliver an action packed, high octane night to remember.

Once you’ve picked a leader and team name, your team gets 5 minutes to view the pantry and 5 mins to decide what to cook. One team member hits the cab and supermarket with $7 and must be back in 17 minutes. You then get 51 minutes to cook and present your stunning dish which will be judged on taste and presentation.  Teams score extra points judged on style and attitude/passion. The creations whipped up are always surprising and amazing results. This is always supported by our Chef and there is never any cooking disasters.

Everyone then sits down to enjoy the meals together with a glass of wine. Optional speeches at the end bring down the house.