Kids Birthday Parties

kids parties

Awesome, fun Kids Parties in Auckland

At Getapartybus we have jumped on board with  a kids entertainment co,  to make your experience way more fun.


If  you are for something completely different, choose a  Disco Party Bus as the venue for your childs Birthday party – This is unique and different. A Party bus is the perfect option the kids can have fun on either The Tiger Lounge or The Prowler  party bus to enjoy the lights and music.  The Prowler is our smaller bus which takes up to 30 and The Tiger Lounge takes up to 40 so plenty of space for Aunts, Uncles, Mums, Dad’s and besties.

How cool would it be to have a big black disco bus turn up at your place to pick the kids up for a couple of hours with cool music and lights.  We will take you for a bit of a drive then  once we have stopped you can facilitate games and challenges. We have a brought on board a great kids entertainment company so you can have one of these uber talented actors to facilitate the day for you, if you wish to use them.


Rockstar Kids Parties

$700 for 2 hours
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At Get a Party Bus, we have packages to suit all occasions