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Getapartybus creating the best memories!


At Getapartybus Auckland we really know how to party!

So with this in mind we’ve come up loads of great packages for you to enjoy from balmy beer tours to wild hens nights.

We love this industry and enjoy making your event an awesome memory not just a ride on a party bus, I love playing games with the customers from a corporate Christmas party quiz and dares to really humiliating your stag or hen.

So turn your cell phone off live in the moment and enjoy one our entertaining nights out!


Entertainment on board is part of our packages!

Our Party Buses are kitted out with huge dance floors, brand new fully flushable toilets that are maintained to the highest standards.

Our  buses are the only Party Buses in New Zealand you can actually dance on with of course stripper poles to really check out your moves.

Fully licensed bar with the nicest drinks available, free pizza, party lights, huge sound systems, great choice of music, and each bus has its own special theme.


Fully licensed bar on board so you don’t have to worry!

We can make your party corporate or we can make it wild the pace is up to you.

Choose a package or contact us today and you and I will brain storm some ideas to come up with the best possible price and theme for you!

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